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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Malignant & Insiduous

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The majority of people have no idea that there are Narcissists (people with NPD). They think there are only sociopaths or psychopaths, because those are the ones that can potentially commit cold murder and are exposed through infamous cautionary tales. A Narcissist destroys your mind and soul with cold dead indifference, not a tangible weapon, so no one sees, but the victim. They, at most, become an infamous cautionary tale through sex scandal, and everyone say ‘meh. Their traits of Narcissistic disorder* stay hidden by media, friends, and family, who can’t put a finger on it anyway. Society is led to believe psychological harm isn’t as detrimental, like the DV (Domestic Violence) movement, giving physical injury priority over the less ‘obvious’ psychological or emotional injury. Suicide or fatal illnesses are seen as a personal problem, because it is only happening within the individual, and can’t tangibly be linked to cause by another. Mental health systems and awareness are severely lacking in true empathy and in exercising their understanding of psychological and emotional issues and abuses, and ironically we wonder why. #Narcissists.


A Prayer for Those Diagnosing the Narcissist

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If you want to help someone, you need to help them how they need to be helped, not how you just think they need to be helped. Amen.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

A Prayer A Prayer

Dear Lord/ Allah/ Buddha/Universe/Source,

Please help all the suffering souls out there who have unknowingly let a Narcissist into their hearts and lives.

Also, help the ones who want to escape find a way to do so…

Let them know that regardless of what all the books out there written by MDs, PhDs, LCSWs, and MEds say, there is no way to live or “make it work” with a Narcissist.

Allow people who have become the target of a Narcissist realize that 99% of full-blown Narcissists will NEVER be professionally diagnosed with a personality disorder.

Help the world see that it doesn’t take a professional credential to understand that another person is manipulative, controlling, condescending, cruel, a pathological liar, ruthless, malicious, sadistic, and in some cases, homicidal – whether covertly or outwardly.

Give victims help when they suffer humiliation upon suggesting to their disordered partner that they go with them to…

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Narcissistic Family Dynamics – Playing The Hand We’re Dealt

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After Narcissistic Abuse

Hindsight is an amazing tool for survivors.

When you grow up with a narcissistic parent, there are realities about our environment that don’t exist in a non-narcissistic household. These realities are our healing points, our own issues, that as an adult we realize require healing for us to go on to have healthy adult relationships.
playing cards

The narcissistic parent, incapable of meeting a childs needs because they conflict with their own, becomes the recipient of the child’s care and affection. The npd parent flips the roles and demands that the child be the sacrificial, giving caretaker. Of course in hindsight, its easy to see the error in this behavior, but as a young, impressionable child the modeled behavior has an impact on the things we’ll need to unwind and reparent later in life.

What this does is set us up to be the caretakers, the responsible ones, the fixers…

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I need ‘no contact’ with narcisistic people, to protect my healing. And that *is* okay…

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Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD




I have to have ‘no contact’ with narcissistic/sociopathic traits people.

They trigger me far too much, due to all the severe abuse in the first 20 years of my life from narcissistic/sociopathic abusers/parents.

It isn’t because I hate people who have mental health issues, like narcissism. I don’t hate them. I wish they could be healed.

But, *my healing* is more important, than having to have these types of people in my life.

It was a looooooong time, before I realised, I needed to think this way. I was programmed since birth, to accept these behaviours and not have any needed responses back. I was programmed through considerable severe abuse, to believe I deserved nothing more, than these abusive behaviours.

I have also worked on not feel guilty/wrong about this perfectly acceptable need/boundary.

I do realise, I trigger easily and the reason for that – being very…

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‘Focus on a positive attitude’ – not wise advice for healing abuse survivors.

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Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Society promotes the whole ‘focus on a positive attitude’ as being the answer for anything.

Church people like to do focus on ‘count your blessings’.

Neither of these are helpful, or appropriate advice to give to people who are trying to heal severe abuse and trauma. All these do, is avoid suppress, ignore the emotions needed to process the trauma, the emotions needed to grieve. Suppression is never healthy when it comes to abuse and trauma.

How do I know this….because I did it myself for 20 years. And it made my current situation worse.

I did what society and unwise people demand – moved on, got over it, made a life, tried to never think about my past, worked hard, exercised hard, focussed on enjoying myself blah blah blah…

And all that did was suppress the deeply painful emotions and severe trauma, that needed to have been dealt with…

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