Amber Liquid

It is slipping down

As if it’s slipping all the pain away

The feeling is so relieving

As if there’s nothing anymore to ruin my day

The gratification that washes over my nerves is the release that I deserve

I feel the pain subside; an absence of the fear and I will no longer want to hide

I know the truth is this is not the way;

But I will do anything to get rid of the agony of wishing to die today

Its jewel gleam takes me in and makes me feel as if I have control,

Like I can win

I know the truth is I still loose

The bronze bottle has taken my choice to choose

I am blind to the ever-living consequence

Falling deeper and darker ever since

Into the arms of seductive gold eloquence

In its illusive hollow I refuge

I am the quarry. The underlying stooge

It feels so safe. It makes me un-cornered and free

If it weren’t for life after death this is the way I would choose it to be

Its dominance takes my life

In its embrace I will commit suicide

The amber liquid running down

Exceeding with its underhanded sound 


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