Face The Ugly

Should I stay or should I go

These are things I need to know

Nothing would thrill me more

But I can’t let myself walk through that door

I feel the temptation rising up

Even an invitation is more than enough

I want to go, but I cannot leave here

Danger signs are hovering near

I feel the security take me in

Yet I know it’s my downfall, I will not win

Please come and save me or I will go

Trying to run is all I know

Raging in my head

All I want to do is go to bed

She doesn’t even care

But those who do are there

But what they want is dangerous

What they want isn’t what I can give

Leaving me alone to make my choice

Listening to that chanting voice

Take what’s yours; you know it’s well deserved

But you also know you can make it another way

Or so you heard

Crying, dying, as she leaves me still

Wishing life had no free will

Hoping the conclusion won’t be the end

Staying still- wondering when

When it will be okay, when the sadness will go away

People watch and see you cry

But no one wants to find out why

Pathetic, that is what you feel

Empty, no more wounds can heal

Older persons pass you by

Younger one’s do too and you don’t know why

You want to cry

The air is chill and the feeling is clear

Your wishes are only what they are

Instilling fear

You sing your song of sorrow with great pain

And hope they never come again

What should I do?

Who will come to rescue you?

Wisp me up and kiss my cheek

Save me from feeling meek

Hurting me with all they have

Staring me down, making me mad

Freezing me out, closing me in

Causing me to ponder all my sin

What have I done?  What shall I do?

Who will be there to rescue you?

The paper’s almost gone

And it will end

It won’t be long; the freedom has left from you

And soon you will be too

Locked and dried up, not free at all

No one close, to call

Here it comes your shining moment

The one that spins you deep into lament

This poem is long and you hope for a miracle

It never comes

Your sorrow becomes lyrical

Laughing in your face

A world without grace

Breaking you apart

Hoping for a new start

Come to me and make me whole. 

Make me feel what I cannot feel at all

It’s blinding stupid sacrifice

I wait an hour and it takes my life

So tonight in pain I will wait

I will sit and stare at my own face

Face the Ugly, face the fear

Face that no one will come near

Like a youngster not old enough to be free

You will cower and there you will see.

The emptiness that it wants you to be

Makes you me

Makes you be that ugly being

Wishes, hopes, and dreams

Life will never be what it seems


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