Velvet Chains

The pain we feel

Causes neither to heal

The stubbornness keeps us apart

The slate is full, too late to restart

The pain in me is endless and has taken me as its host

His pain has made him lose himself and never find what has been. 

His presence is like a ghost

Our sanities are compromised with each passing day

The fear, regret, pain, guilt, and loss of hope make nothing for us to say

Wishing for peace and comfort, relief from all the grief

Wanting order and wholeness back, an outlet to set him free

What once was new never got a chance to grow whole

The doors are shut and locked and growing webs, no way to ever know

Holding on to pain and fear

Never switching gear

Holding on to control because of what has been lost

Scars and grudges bear the costs

Building walls out of brick

Covering our eyes to smother the pain

Nothing in our lives can make us sane

Remembering the better days          

When I wasn’t in his life

And love came at ease

I’m growing up and leaving now

A life wasted, but all that’s left is moving on

Breaking smaller everyday

Washing both our lives away

Hoping one day, god will give us the words to say.

These velvet chains we bear


And keeping in our hurt, our pain, and our fear.


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