Another Day

Broken pieces never heal, our only sense left is to feel.

Knowing that we’ve gone too far, there’s no escape, we’ve lowered the bar.

Hoarding all our fears, always full of tears.

The sun goes down another day. Another soul dies away.

The darkness overtakes our mind and hope is to far lost to find.

The shelter of this empty place, makes us helpless, makes us deface.

Losing grip on another day, and we’re all slipping away.


Another Way

Broken pieces always heal, our only sense left isn’t only to feel.

Open your heart and free your mindHope is erratic, but not hard to find

Let go of the fears that take hold of your soul. Never to forfeit;  that is your goal

Never in need. Always in drive. Never let your will subside.

Take a hold of it tight. Never let go of your faith.

Clutching on to another way… and we’re all finding our strength.


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