I Know The Plans I Have For You…

You tell me I’m nothing

And in being nothing, I will never become

But what you don’t realize, is god’s forming me deep inside

That is where I live, and where I breath

Nothing? Me? Please. 

Stop your shallow ignorance

You get your life from the image of the living

I get mine from the regrets of the dead

Not only the ones who have ceased to exist, but the ones who have

Lost themselves while they still breath

There is something deep with inside of me, something you are

To shallow to see


Someday I will rise up so high

Higher than the world, up to the sky, and you will revel with pride

You’ll cheer for this precious child you raised, who once was nothing

And now is praised

You callow; with no grit of your own

Hesitant to believe with her soul

I will be something, someday

You wait, you watch, you see

And when I am

You won’t take the credit for me.


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