If you don’t know me, it’s clear, and so are you.

So here’s the lowdown. I have long suffered from depression and have recently suffered from panic attacks with agoraphobia. It’s a shitty life for someone with these issues, but God has continued to keep hope in me. I have made it through hoops and by myself, [only because] none of the initially significant people in my life have been able to come to terms with the reality of it all. Thanks to people who I’ve acquainted throughout the years I have often been able to continue to carry on as a functional part of a society.

Recently, though, I have been having to come to terms with the fact that you cannot just simply “live” it away, as if to say, you can’t just “keep doing” and one day “it too, shall pass…” The true reality is it is always there, it too often rears its ugly head and the world stops for moments, the moments pass, and there I go again.

As life changes, now, that is not enough. For, “simply living” becomes absolutely impossible. Now, truly healing has to be enough…


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