In Lieu of Flowers…

In lieu of flowers, bring your presence as its absence was before. Tilt your head and plead forgiveness for excuses that ignored. Drying roses fill the coffin, sto-ned faces greet each eye. tear drops trail sallow faces at the thoughts of only, why?Hapless mourners take their places, dressed in shroud of only gray. Aching in their bellies at a most confusing day. Regrets about and haunting as they filter through your soul. Posted photos of smiling faces, still a truth, not at all. It was desperate, it was fleeting, it was hopeless, it was cold. All the anguish never leaving. Like a drowning in it all. Though in wonder of the absence, was there something they could done. Scenes of a life leaving traces of your place in everyone. Too late to redeem the folly of the good within each heart. Now her presence, ever living, somewhere deep beneath the dark.


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