A Prayer for Those Diagnosing the Narcissist

If you want to help someone, you need to help them how they need to be helped, not how you just think they need to be helped. Amen.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

A Prayer A Prayer

Dear Lord/ Allah/ Buddha/Universe/Source,

Please help all the suffering souls out there who have unknowingly let a Narcissist into their hearts and lives.

Also, help the ones who want to escape find a way to do so…

Let them know that regardless of what all the books out there written by MDs, PhDs, LCSWs, and MEds say, there is no way to live or “make it work” with a Narcissist.

Allow people who have become the target of a Narcissist realize that 99% of full-blown Narcissists will NEVER be professionally diagnosed with a personality disorder.

Help the world see that it doesn’t take a professional credential to understand that another person is manipulative, controlling, condescending, cruel, a pathological liar, ruthless, malicious, sadistic, and in some cases, homicidal – whether covertly or outwardly.

Give victims help when they suffer humiliation upon suggesting to their disordered partner that they go with them to…

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One Response to “A Prayer for Those Diagnosing the Narcissist”

  1. I empathize with extremely difficult experience of dealing with someone who is manipulative and hurtful in many ways. However, I would suggest that “narcissism” occurs along a continuum and that not all such people are so bad. What you are describing actually sounds much more like sociopathy, or something on the borderline of sociopathy. These labels really do not do justice to individuals or why they have become the way they have. There are in fact many accounts of less severe “narcissists” changing for the better. However, I would agree that many of the “type” that you describe do not want help and do not accept it. The point though is that a narcissist is not a narcissist is not a narcissist.

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