Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Malignant & Insiduous

The majority of people have no idea that there are Narcissists (people with NPD). They think there are only sociopaths or psychopaths, because those are the ones that can potentially commit cold murder and are exposed through infamous cautionary tales. A Narcissist destroys your mind and soul with cold dead indifference, not a tangible weapon, so no one sees, but the victim. They, at most, become an infamous cautionary tale through sex scandal, and everyone say ‘meh. Their traits of Narcissistic disorder* stay hidden by media, friends, and family, who can’t put a finger on it anyway. Society is led to believe psychological harm isn’t as detrimental, like the DV (Domestic Violence) movement, giving physical injury priority over the less ‘obvious’ psychological or emotional injury. Suicide or fatal illnesses are seen as a personal problem, because it is only happening within the individual, and can’t tangibly be linked to cause by another. Mental health systems and awareness are severely lacking in true empathy and in exercising their understanding of psychological and emotional issues and abuses, and ironically we wonder why. #Narcissists.



One Response to “Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Malignant & Insiduous”

  1. My mother in law slowly at first then rapidly stole parts of me that i cannot get back. My husband has always been upfront about his mother having issues, but I thought they were mental issues like depression or anxiety or bipolar disorder, but actually with the help of a therapist we now both see that she likely has a personality disorder (definitely cluster B), but I believe narcissist due to a lack of conscience or empathy. I tried to help her, and got burned and because I left her into our lives (my husband was burned by her yet again). I was always told to treat people kindly and try to help them. I treated her the same even though I was warned multiple times that she is “crazy.” Crazy doesn’t explain the sadism, crazy doesn’t explain intentional sabotage. She plans out all of her attacks, lies in wait and drops the bomb on you when you least expect it. Craziness doesn’t explain this. I have seen crazy…it is often random and disjointed, doesn’t make sense…but her behaviors, words and action do make sense and they are evil. Crazy is crazy, but evil is evil. They do not necessarily inhabit the same people, although they can. I told my husband by his family denying the evil and only accepting the crazy they are leaving themselves open and unprepared for planned, intentional attacks of a completely lucid person with negative intentions.

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